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Our New Web Site
This is our New version of web site Published on 01/01/2007
Here we have included many New features with quite new look.

Trade Oppurtunities

Machineries And Equipment Industries
  • Partnership And Investment Opportunities In Machineries And Equipment Industries Of Iran For Foreign Investors.
  • Application Of Modern, And New Technologies On The Basis Of Different Forms Of Technological Cooperation Arrangements.
  • Development Of Joint Production Arrangements With Advanced, Companies Of The World
  • Development Of Manufacturing And/Or Procurement Of Machineries And Industrial Equipments Of Export-Oriented Industries Ofthe Iran And Priorities Of The Production
  • Quality Improvement Of Industrial Machineries And Equipments
  • Technology Transfer, Know-How And Other Elements Of Technology
  • Cooperation In The Field Of Engineering And Design Of Machineries And Equipments
  • Establishing And Development Of Joint Ventures, Joint Production.
  • After Sales-Service Network For Industrial Machineries And Equipment
  • Under License Production

Constructionmaterials Industry
  • Partnership And Investment Opportunities In Construction Materials Industry For Foreign Investors
  • Establishment And Development Of Construction Stones Exploration Production Processing Units
  • Development Of Construction Stones Artistic Works Industries
  • Development Of Special Transportation Facilities For Construction Stones Industry
  • Application Of Modern And Advanced Technologies In Construction Stones Mines
  • Quality Improvement And Adjustments Of Product Specification With Different Markets Of The World
  • Establishment And Development Of Diversified Companies With Backward, Forward Integration Strategies In The Construction Stones Industry
  • Development Of The Special Construction Stones Export Network:

Mines Development
  • Roads And Infrastructure Development For Isolated Rich Reserves
  • Quality Control Centers
  • Processing Units
  • Inbound- Out Bound Logistics Required For The Mines, And Processing Units
  • Special Export Terminals
  • International Transportation
  • After Sales Services Network In The Foreign Markets
  • Establishing Showroom,Permanente Fairs For Construction Stones In The Foreign Markets.

Pharmaceutical, Hygienic And Cosmetic Industries Advantages:
  • Diversification Of Pharmaceutical, Hygienic And Cosmetic Products Locally Made In Iran
  • 99% Of Big Local Market Hygienic Needs Are Satisfied In The Country
  • Different Product Groups:
  • Complete Range Of Medical And Health Services By Iranian Experts
  • Diversified Range Of Medical, Equipment And Consumable Products
  • Diversified Range Of Different Drugs
  • Availability Of Some Of The Industry's Raw Materials
  • Export Of Iranian Pharmaceutical Products Have Been Started And About 20 Items Of These Products Have Been Registered In Asia And African Countries
  • Low Labor Cost
  • Low Energy Cost
  • Good Infrastructures
  • Possibility Of Diversified Business With Foreign Partners For Offering Health
  • Packages Included:
  • Procurement Of Medical Equipments, Drugs, Etc.
  • Construction, And Engineering Design Services In Hospitals
  • Full Range Medical Services

Textile, Clothing And Leather Industries
  • Competitive Advantages:
  • Long History In The Industry Regarding Leather Products, Clothing , Hand-Made Carpet, Handicraftclothing.
  • Amounts Of Investment In The Industry ( About 7 Billions Of Dollars)
  • Low Cost Energy
  • Low Cost Labor Force
  • Availability Of Raw Materials In The Country
  • Cotton
  • Fibers
  • Ilk
  • Availability Of Some Of The Machineries And Equipments Required By The Industry Which Are Locally Made
  • Big Local Markets (About 65 Millions)
  • Access To Neighboring Markets ( About 300 Millions)
  • Skilled Management
  • Different University Courses Related Totextile Engineering
  • Experienced Experts And Engineers
  • High Rate Of Industrial Capacities Installed In Recent Years

Electric, Electronic And Houseappliances ADVANTAGES:
  • Diversity Of Industry's Product Range Locally Made
  • Refrigerators, Freezers(1/5 Millions Of Sets Annually)
  • Gas Stoves And Cookers (300000, Of Sets Annually)
  • Juicers (300000 Of Sets Annual)
  • Water Heaters (1600000 Of Sets Annually)
  • Rice Cookers (500000 Offsets Annually)
  • Washing Machines (800000 Of Sets Annually)
  • Vacuum Cleaners (800000 Of The Sets Annually)
  • Gas And Kerosene Heaters (1900000 Of Sets Annually)
  • Water Coolers And Fans (1600000 Of Sets Annually0
  • Pressing Irons (800000 Units Per Annum)
  • Sewing Machine ( 100000 Units Per Annum )
  • Low Cost Energy
  • Sow Cost Labor Force
  • As The Cost Structure Of The Industry,
  • Ckd, Skd Procurement, Locally Manufacturing Is
  • Very Attractive Due To Total Annual Nominal Production Capacity
  • Skilled Management Good Industrial Infrastructure Required By The Industry:
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication
  • Water
  • Gas Electric Power
  • Big Local Population, Population Structureas The One Of The Youngest In The World
  • Big Neighboring Markets And New Emerging Middle Classes In The Cis Countries Partnership And Investment Opportunities In The House Appliances Industries Of Iran For For Foreign Investors:
  1. Application Of Modern, New Technologies And Technology Upgrading Of The Industry Due To :
  2. Establishing Of Joint Ventures, Joint Production , Joint Engineering With Advanced International Companies And Under €“ License Production
  3. Development Of Manufacturing And Procurement Of Ckd And Skd For The Industry And Cooperation With Iranian Firms For Upgrading Local Content
  4. New Designs, New Products Of The Industry
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