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TradeInfo Pack >> TAILOR MODE

The Tailor-made trade information package includes all specific information that a company uses to determine the market has the best potential for Exporting its products and also to determine the product(s) for importingby analyzing factors affecting marketing and use of the product in the market, such as end user sectors, channels of distribution, cultural idiosyncrasies, and business practices , by identify any foreign barriers (tariff or non-tariff) for theproduct being imported into the country and also byanalyzing trade and economic statistics. Trade statistics are generally compiled by product category and by country. These specificstatistics provide the firms with information concerningshipments of products over specified periods of time. Demographic and general economic statistics such as population size and makeup,per capita income, and production levels by industry can beimportant indicators of the market potential for a company'sproducts. Trade statistics indicate total exports or imports by country and by product and allow an exporter to compare the size of the market for a product .. By looking at statistics over several years, an exporter can determine which markets are growing and which are shrinking.


The 40 Best Iranian Prospects including:
Automotive Parts and Service Equipment
Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Services
Industrial Chemicals
Plastics Materials and Resins
Chemical Production Machinery
Cosmetics and Toiletries
Computers and Peripherals
Machine Tools and Metalworking Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Medical Equipment
Computer Software and Services
Household Consumer Goods
Sporting Goods
Textile Machinery and Equipment
Textile Fabrics
Electrical Power Systems
Process Control -- Industrial
Scientific Laboratory Instruments
Pollution Control Equipment
Business Equipment (Non-computer)
Management Consulting Services
Plastics Production Machinery
Food Processing and Packaging Equipment
Printing and Graphic Arts Equipment
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Forestry and Woodworking Machinery
Security and Safety Equipment
Industrial Mining Equipment
Building Products
Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
Construction Equipment
Architectural, Construction and Engineering Services
Dental Equipment
Electronic Components
Toys and Games
Advertising Services
Educational and Manpower Training Services
Computer-aided Design, Manufacturing,
Engineering and Integrated Manufacturing
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Main Cities
Other Industrial Centers
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Trade Statistics
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